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All pictures on this page were taken in 1983

Santo Domingo

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The city was founded by Christopher Columbus' brother, Bartolome, at the mouth of the Ozama river, on the south shore of the Hispanola, where some spanish fugitive discovered gold!


At the city center, architecturally spanish, sits prominently the statue of Christopher Columbus, ...


... just beside of the cathedral built in XVI century, where, next to the main gate, stands a huge mausoleum made of marble and bronze and supposed to contain the ashes of the great explorer!


The city is visited regularly by the great number of american and canadian tourists.


In the most ancient district of the city sits the fortress Ozama built in 1503 to protect the river's mouth. It is considered as the oldest military construction in Americas.


From the torre Homenaje (fortress' tallest tower) the view is magnificent but within its walls was once imprisoned Christopher Columbus himself!


A little farther upstream the Ozama river one enter the old residential area ...



... with at its center the Alcazar palace, built in 1513 by Diego Columbus, Christopher's son and the viceroy of Hispanola.


At the north end of the City, the tired tourist may rest within the splendid botanical gardens well organised and displaying the plants from around the World.

In the country

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Thirty kilometers to the East from Santo Domingo sits Boca Chica,the prefered beach of the Capital City inhabitants. Going farther East, ...


... after crossing the huge plantations of sugar cane, ...

... one enter the small town of Higuey, sacred site where Santa Maria de Altagracia - patron saint of all Dominicans - appeared miraculously in XVII century. Beside the old church, built in XVI century, ...


... rises recently erected an impressive modern basilica!

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