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All photographs on this page were taken between 1981-1983




Airport: on the tarmac,              seen from the street.           Road toward downtown



Views of downtown


"Iron" market              Street markets


Uphill roads, from Port-au-Prince toward Petionville

Port-au-Prince's downtown seen from Petionville



Carnival ("mardi gras") in Port-au-Prince during the day ...


... and at night!


Carnival's participants


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The Montana hotel, where where I lived        My wife Felicia and daughter Barbara (in 1982)


Along the road toward Petionville nearby Montana hotel


"Mesdames Sara"                 European market          Local paintings vendor



Barbancourt, ancient distillery of rhum made from sugar cane

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All photographs ©1981-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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