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All photographs from South-East Asia were taken between 1967 and 1994

Animals of Africa

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Antilope-Kudu.jpg (192971 bytes)        Antilopes-Impala.jpg (396780 bytes)        Buffles-Tanzanie-2.jpg (286859 bytes)

Antelopes Great Kudu    and Impalas                            Buffalos

Zebre.jpg (415115 bytes)      Crocodiles.jpg (330520 bytes)      Hipopotames.jpg (313520 bytes)

Burchell's Zebra                           Crocodiles and hippopotamuses

Elephants-1.jpg (496759 bytes)    Girafe-1.jpg (293126 bytes)  Girafe-3.jpg (365175 bytes)

Elephants on the road                    Giraffes: Curious and jealous

Girafe-2.jpg (400662 bytes)      Lion-girafe.jpg (282822 bytes)      Lionnes.jpg (320616 bytes)

Hungry giraffe and one with lioness                      Lionesses at rest

Dromadaires-1.jpg (284565 bytes)    Dromadaires-2.jpg (290193 bytes)

Camels at rest in Algeria (Sahara)

Plants of Africa

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Branche.jpg (385539 bytes)  Palmier.jpg (265257 bytes)  Chene-liege.jpg (395709 bytes)  Saucisse-fruit.jpg (308201 bytes)

Morocco: Palm branches                         Cork oak   Tanzania: Sausage tree

Cactus-figue-2.jpg (108608 bytes)

Morocco: Figs of poor people

Baobab-Botswana.jpg (376251 bytes)                    Cactus-palmier.jpg (344701 bytes)    Palmier-Agava.jpg (375716 bytes)    Orchidee.jpg (339081 bytes)

Botswana's strange trees and flowers

        Baobabs                                       Cactus            Agava            Orchid


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Maroc-Agava.jpg (216085 bytes)                        Hibiscus.jpg (201462 bytes)                  Ombre-lumiere.jpg (116123 bytes)

Agava                               Hibiscus                          Shadow and light

Animals    Plants    Flowers

All photographs ©1967-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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