Nature of Asia

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All photographs from South-East Asia were taken between 1984 and 1990

Birds of Asia

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Pink-flamingo-Singapore-2.jpg (197290 bytes)  Crowned-crane-Singapore-1.jpg (323655 bytes)  Parrots-Singapore-17.jpg (117382 bytes)  Parrots-Singapore-8.jpg (211004 bytes)

Singapore: Jurong Bird Park

Pink Flamingo        Crowned crane                         Macaws                  Parrot

Parrots-Singapore-25.jpg (162808 bytes)    Parrots-Singapore-16.jpg (122916 bytes)

Parrots                       Cockatoos

Stone-casowary-Irian-Jaya.jpg (260325 bytes)                       Ducks-Bali-1.jpg (422899 bytes)

Irian Jaya and Bali (Indonesia)      

Casowary (sculpture)       Ducks on the rice field

Reptiles of Asia

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Crocodile-Bares-1.jpg (350736 bytes)  Crocodile-Singapore-4.jpg (107548 bytes)  Crocodile-Singapore-2.jpg (81258 bytes)  Fish-Singapore-2.jpg (183129 bytes)

Singapore's Aquatic Park: Crocodiles and fish from tropical waters

Green-frog-Merauke-1.jpg (202693 bytes)    Green-frog-Merauke-4.jpg (209459 bytes)   

Irian Jaya (Indonesia): Friendly green frogs

Plants of Asia

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Papaya-Irian-Jaya-1.jpg (236518 bytes)            Coconut-tree-Irian-Jaya-1.jpg (344454 bytes)        Potato-tree-Singapore-1.jpg (228070 bytes)            Root-trees-Irian-Jaya-2.jpg (232600 bytes)

Irian Jaya (Indonesia)

Papaya tree                                Coconut and potatos tree                      Roots tree

Flowers of Asia

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Aqua-flower-Java-2.jpg (70249 bytes)    Aqua-flower-Java-3.jpg (264992 bytes)

Java (Indonesia): Water lilies

Red-and-yellow-flower-Jakarta-2.jpg (90997 bytes)        Hibiscus-Bali-1.jpg (73276 bytes)   Rambutan-Singapore-1.jpg (83928 bytes)

Cana              Hibiscus                   Rambutan


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Orchid-Jakarta-12a.jpg (138566 bytes)        Orchid-Jakarta-12.jpg (125870 bytes)        Orchid-Jakarta-10.jpg (138616 bytes)

Orchid-Jakarta-7.jpg (141190 bytes)        Orchid-Jakarta-5.jpg (115381 bytes)

Jakarta: Orchid Garden

Birds    Flowers    Orchids    Plants    Reptiles

All photographs ©1984-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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