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All photographs on this page were taken in 1985


Amsterdam-1j-grand-canal-vieux-port-int.jpg (101769 bytes)    Amsterdam-1m-grand-canal-restaurant-int.jpg (105618 bytes)

The old harbour and its Chinese restaurant

Amsterdam-1g-grand-canal-maisons-int.jpg (158252 bytes)            Amsterdam-1d-grand-canal-ruelle-int.jpg (112626 bytes)            Amsterdam-1c-grand-canal-bateaux-touristes-int.jpg (154650 bytes)

Here, the streets are narrow and and the houses...

Amsterdam-1a-grand-canal-peniches-int.jpg (110337 bytes)         Amsterdam-1n-grand-canal-peniche-int.jpg (146951 bytes)

... are often in insufficient number

Amsterdam-1l-grand-canal-petit-marchand-int.jpg (143660 bytes)        Amsterdam-1h-grand-canal-marchand-int.jpg (169860 bytes)        Amsterdam-1i-grand-canal-marchand-int.jpg (148614 bytes)

The Amsterdam's street business and ...

Amsterdam-1b-grand-canal-bateaux-touristes-int.jpg (113474 bytes)          Amsterdam-1f-grand-canal-bateau-int.jpg (166694 bytes)

... the large and small boats

All photographs ©1969-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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