Peoples of America I

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All photographs on this page were taken between 1974-2001

Peoples of Canada I

Peoples of Canada II    Peoples of United States

New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island     Quebec

Historic Acadian Village (Caraquet)

Kings Landing

Canada-NB-Village-acadien-25-couleurs de laine.jpg (99728 bytes)        Canada-NB-Village-acadien-22-acadiennes.jpg (88197 bytes)        Canada-NB-Village-acadien-28-kosiarze.jpg (85326 bytes)

Brightly coloured wool    Going to work    Hey! You need a break!

Canada-NB-Village-acadien-11-roue.jpg (92792 bytes)    Canada-NB-Village-acadien-16-mere-fille.jpg (94283 bytes)    Canada-NB-Village-acadien-9-metier.jpg (90688 bytes)   

Acadian women at work

Canada-NB-Village-acadien-19-interieur.jpg (88060 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-27-institutrice.jpg (51848 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-23-berceaux.jpg (75360 bytes)

Interior of an Acadian house    Education, its important!    Three generations

Canada-NB-Village-acadien-4-forgeron.jpg (55373 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-24-bouteilles.jpg (56009 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-7-tavernier.jpg (51026 bytes)

Blacksmith                         In the tavern, one forgets his worries

Kings Landing (English Loyalist Village)

Historic Acadian Village    Top of page

Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-9-moulin.jpg (128739 bytes)            Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-14-village.jpg (109046 bytes)

Mill                                Village

Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-15-renegade-cabin.jpg (163194 bytes)            Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-7-cutting wood.jpg (151917 bytes)

Renegade's cabin                  Wood cutting

Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-12-detente.jpg (95350 bytes)                            Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-1-heating-below.jpg (60479 bytes)            Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-2-heating-above.jpg (73893 bytes)

A moment of relax    Ingenious heating: Living room    Bedroom upstairs

Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-4-school-kids.jpg (118046 bytes)                Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-6-rest-room.jpg (78746 bytes)             Canada-NB-Kings-Landing-Village-3-violonist.jpg (55507 bytes)

Chatting kids                Another living room               Violinist

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick     Quebec    Top of page


Mont Carmel    Cavendish    Charlottetown

Canada-PEI-5-Musee-acadien-carte.jpg (166134 bytes)    Canada-PEI-3-Musee-acadien-pancarte.jpg (88804 bytes)    Canada-PEI-1-Musee-acadien.jpg (88199 bytes)

Acadian museum

Mont Carmel (Acadian Pioneer Village

Miscouche    Cavendish    Charlottetown    Top of page

Canada-PEI-29-Mont-Carmel-maison Arseneault.jpg (94284 bytes)        Canada-PEI-30-Mont-Carmel-church-ext.jpg (83610 bytes)

In this Acadian village ...

Canada-PEI-10-Mont-Carmel-escalier.jpg (71228 bytes)    Canada-PEI-11-Mont-Carmel-chambre.jpg (100637 bytes)    Canada-PEI-8-Mont-Carmel-metier.jpg (85648 bytes)

Canada-PEI-31-Mont-Carmel-church-int.jpg (72897 bytes)        Canada-PEI-32-Mont-Carmel-school-Sieniek.jpg (101986 bytes)

... everything is made of wood

Canada-PEI-38-Mont-Carmel-cimetiere-eglise.jpg (99777 bytes)        Canada-PEI-33-Mont-Carmel-cimetiere.jpg (106439 bytes)

Eternal rest of the Acadian pioneers and their descendants...

Canada-PEI-34-Mont-Carmel-cimetiere.jpg (156825 bytes)

... mostly, the Arsenault and the Gallants 

Cavendish (Ann of Green Gables)

Miscouche    Mont Carmel    Charlottetown    Top of page

Canada-PEI-23-Green-Gables-house.jpg (144945 bytes)    Canada-PEI-22-Green-Gables-house.jpg (114607 bytes)    Canada-PEI-26-Green-Gables-japanese-Ann.jpg (72765 bytes)

Green Gables house

Canada-PEI-18-Green-Gables-Mateus.jpg (47644 bytes)    Canada-PEI-21-Green-Gables-Ann.jpg (127582 bytes)    Canada-PEI-20-Green-Gables-Maryla.jpg (92541 bytes)

Mateus' room    Ann's room    Maryla's room

Canada-PEI-15-Green-Gables-sentier.jpg (122897 bytes)        Canada-PEI-16-Green-Gables-sentier.jpg (95966 bytes)

Balsam Hollow

Canada-PEI-14-Green-Gables-entree.jpg (113964 bytes)            Canada-PEI-25-Lucy M. Montgomery-bio.jpg (91931 bytes)

A word about the author of Ann of Green Gables


Miscouche    Mont Carmel    Cavendish    Top of page

Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-4-City-Hall.jpg (122422 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-10-City-Hall.jpg (83002 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-9-City-Hall.jpg (74756 bytes)

Parliament of the Prince Edward Island, the place where was born the Canadian Confederation

All photographs ©1974-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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