Peoples of America II

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All photographs on this page were taken between 1974-2001

Peoples of Canada II

Peoples of Canada I    Peoples of United States

Quebec (Province)

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Quebec (town)

Quebec    Montreal    Regions

Canada-Quebec-Quebec-7-ruelle.jpg (107930 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-Quebec-8-ruelle.jpg (79267 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-Quebec-4-Frontenac-nuit.jpg (59534 bytes)

Old town of Quebec

Canada-Quebec-Quebec-9-Ste-Anne.jpg (101778 bytes)            Canada-Quebec-Quebec-10-Ste-Anne.jpg (99880 bytes)

Sainte Anne de Beaupré, holy temple of pilgrimage

Canada-Quebec-Quebec-1-cours-de-canoes.jpg (113124 bytes)

Yearly race of canoes on the Saint-Lawrence river


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Canada-Quebec-Montreal-8-old-and-new.jpg (93453 bytes)            Canada-Quebec-Montreal-9-old-and-new.jpg (81642 bytes)                    Canada-Quebec-Montreal-17-Terminus-Voyageur.jpg (104186 bytes)

In Montreal, the new is next to the old        Terminus Voyageur

Canada-Quebec-Montreal-12-fete-St-Jean.jpg (88851 bytes)                Canada-Quebec-Montreal-13-fete-St-Jean.jpg (92863 bytes)

French Canadian holiday in Quebec, Saint-Jean Baptiste parade


Quebec    Montreal


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Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-3-Chagnon.jpg (94186 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-2-Chagnon.jpg (171829 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-1-Chagnon.jpg (141611 bytes)

Ancestral inheritance of Huguette and Jean-Jacques Chagnon

Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-3-Christ.jpg (144053 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-1-sculpt.jpg (64408 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-PJ-2-sculpt.jpg (99387 bytes)

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, the cradle of the French Canadian sculptors


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Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-9.jpg (74097 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-6.jpg (43709 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-10-France.jpg (58089 bytes)

Festival of hot-air balloons (middle-August)

Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-2.jpg (73397 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-4.jpg (29732 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-5-golf.jpg (57976 bytes)

Amazing shapes ! Aren't they ?

Canada-Quebec-St-Jean-baloon-7-soleil.jpg (31029 bytes)

Higher and higher ... towards the Sun!

James Bay

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Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-airport-1.jpg (97257 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-airport-2.jpg (92633 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-construction-3.jpg (164266 bytes)

The huge hydroelectric James Bay complex had his own air service division and was built by a vast number of contractors

Canada-Baie-James-Fontanges-Denis-repartiteur.jpg (55783 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Lac-Pau-1-surveying.jpg (305256 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-LG2-1-Carlos-et-Raynald.jpg (65219 bytes)


Air traffic dispatcher    Surveying    Computing and mapping people

Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-construction-1.jpg (118734 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-construction-2.jpg (114249 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-LG2-6-camion-rodzina.jpg (90233 bytes)

Construction machines and vehicles

Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-10.jpg (55632 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-7.jpg (54786 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-3.jpg (62667 bytes)

Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-2.jpg (35360 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-4.jpg (60295 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fete-1.jpg (49223 bytes)

James Bay workers at a Christmas Party (Eastmain)

Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-riviere-Sieniek-1.jpg (111058 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-LG2-4-billard.jpg (69630 bytes)

Spare-time activities

Canada-Baie-James-LG2-3-Babcia-pretres.jpg (61053 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-LG2-8-Babcia-rodzina.jpg (97163 bytes)

Radisson, the main family village on the James Bay Project

Canada-Baie-James-village-Eastmain-1.jpg (113791 bytes)                Canada-Baie-James-village-Eastmain-2-Babcia-indien.jpg (131083 bytes)

Near the Eastmain river mouth lay Eastmain, the Indians Cris village

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Peoples of Unites States

Peoples of Canada I    Peoples of Canada II



USA-Louisiana-Lafayette-Evangeline-4.jpg (76792 bytes)    USA-Louisiana-Lafayette-Evangeline-3.jpg (162550 bytes)    USA-Louisiana-Lafayette-Evangeline-1.jpg (46797 bytes)    USA-Louisiana-Lafayette-Evangeline-2.jpg (91782 bytes)

Évangéline, the victim of the Grand Dérangement (acadian people deportation in 1755)

and the heroine of the famous Longfellow's poem

USA-Louisiana-New-Orleans-2.jpg (136712 bytes)            USA-Louisiana-New-Orlean-Calle-D-Borbon-1.jpg (87192 bytes)

Louisiana, former French colony

USA-Louisiana-New-Orlean-Preserv-House-1.jpg (101349 bytes)                USA-Louisiana-New-Orlean-Preserv-House-2.jpg (78323 bytes)

New Orleans' Preservation Hall, the temple of the Dixieland music


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USA-Virginia-Jamestown-2.jpg (109832 bytes)        USA-Virginia-Jamestown-3.jpg (139403 bytes)        USA-Virginia-Jamestown-1.jpg (55471 bytes)

Jamestown, the cradle of the United States

USA-Virginia-Wiliamsburg-1.jpg (98215 bytes)

Williamsburg, the American inheritance village

Louisiana     Virginia

All photographs ©1974-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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