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All photographs on this page were taken between 1969-2001

Warszawa (Warsaw)

Gdynia and Gdańsk     Toruń     Łdź     Wrocław

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Okęcie airport                Royal Palace            In Memoriam of the WW-II

Varsovie-3i-vieille-ville-barbakan-ruelle-int.jpg (119692 bytes)    Varsovie-3-vieille-ville-Ba-Lu-Er-An-int.jpg (92056 bytes)    Varsovie-3k-vieille-ville-rynek-int.jpg (140927 bytes)

Old town and its "Stary Rynek" (Old Marketplace) ...

Varsovie-3f-vieille-ville-rynek-marchands-int.jpg (166547 bytes)            Varsovie-3b-vieille-ville-Ba-Lu-Er-Ja-int.jpg (111430 bytes)            Varsovie-3c-vieille-ville-ombre-int.jpg (109339 bytes)

... and its picturesque streets

Varsovie-3l-vieille-ville-barbakan-int.jpg (146129 bytes)    Varsovie-3h-vieille-ville-barbakan-marchand-int.jpg (159042 bytes)    Varsovie-3j-vieille-ville-barbakan-marchandise-int.jpg (110888 bytes)

Inside of the ancient tower called "Barbakan" and ...

Varsovie-3g-vieille-ville-Bartek-na-murze-int.jpg (157241 bytes)   Varsovie-3a-vieille-ville-Bartek-na-murze-int.jpg (216449 bytes)

... the ancient walls

Varsovie-4b-ville-nouvelle-parking-int.jpg (146268 bytes)    Varsovie-4c-ville-nouvelle-trasa-WZ-int.jpg (113822 bytes)    Varsovie-4d-ville-nouvelle-trasa-WZ-int.jpg (179622 bytes)

Modern Warsaw (Grzybowska street area)

Gdynia and Gdańsk

Warszawa     Toruń     Łdź     Wrocław     Top of page


Well known polish ships: "Dar Pomorza" and "Błyskawica" in the Gdynia harbour

Grafittis on the railway car at the Gdańsk station (2001)


Neptune        Artus house door    Street business


Medieval crane            Mariacka's street    Torture house and red VW


Warszawa     Gdynia and Gdańsk     Łdź     Wrocław     Top of page

Old prison..., still occupied!


Street in old town                        Leaning tower                Cathedral of two John's


Warszawa     Gdynia and Gdańsk     Toruń     Wrocław     Top of page


Płnocna street                        Piotrkowska street


Warszawa     Gdynia and Gdańsk     Toruń     Łdź     Top of page

Wroclaw-1a-Jean-XXIII-int.jpg (102311 bytes)    Wroclaw-2a-vieille-ville-int.jpg (108520 bytes)    Wroclaw-2b-hotel-de-ville-int.jpg (111748 bytes)

The old and ...


the modern towns

Warszawa     Gdynia and Gdańsk     Toruń     Łdź     Wrocław

All photographs 1969-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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