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All photographs from South-East Asia were taken between 1967 and 1994

North Africa

 Atlas Mountains    Sahara    Black Africa    South Africa


Maroc-Rif-1-paysage.jpg (132212 bytes)          Maroc-Centre-1-Marabout.jpg (74993 bytes)      Maroc-Centre-2-Volubilis-1.jpg (282739 bytes)    Maroc-Centre-3-Volubilis-2.jpg (130446 bytes)

Rif mountains' landscape    Marabout near Kénitra                 Roman town of Volubilis:

Maroc-Fes-1-ruelle.jpg (89635 bytes)      Maroc-Fes-1-minarets-et-la-lune.jpg (60201 bytes)              Maroc-Meknès-1-étables.jpg (119845 bytes)                        Maroc-Moulay-Idriss-1-vieille-ville.jpg (200217 bytes)

Street and minaret in Fès        Moulay Ismail's stables in Meknès         Moulay Idriss

Maroc-Mehdia-1-lac.jpg (219297 bytes)        Maroc-Rabat-Casablanca-1-pont.jpg (172944 bytes)        Maroc-Rabat-1-Chellah.jpg (40659 bytes)       Maroc-Casablanca-1-cathédrale.jpg (162208 bytes)

Lake near Kénitra            Bridge        Ruins of Chellah in Rabat            Casablanca

Maroc-Essaouira-1-forteresse.jpg (134183 bytes)    Maroc-Valée-d'Azrou.jpg (102175 bytes)    Maroc-Sud-1-Marabout.jpg (118361 bytes)    Maroc-Marrakech-1-Palais-Royal.jpg (226612 bytes)

Portugese fort in Essaouira    Azrou valley    Marabout near Marrakech    Royal palace

Atlas Mountains

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Maroc-Valée-d'Ourika.jpg (179988 bytes)  Maroc-Moyen-Atlas-1-chutes.jpg (189660 bytes)  Maroc-Moyen-Atlas-2-neige.jpg (99939 bytes)  Maroc-Haut-Atlas-1.jpg (150527 bytes)

Ourika valley            Ouzoud waterfalls          Near Ifrane            Haut (High) Atlas

Maroc-Valée-du-Todra.jpg (191002 bytes)    Maroc-Valée-du-Todra-2.jpg (165383 bytes)

Todra valley:

Still in the mountain        Already in Sahara


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Algérie-Sahara-6-Timimoun-hôtel.jpg (96466 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-7-Timimoun-hôtel.jpg (151804 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-4-ville-de Colomb-Béchar.jpg (92228 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-5-ville-de Colomb-Béchar.jpg (87181 bytes)

Village of Timimoun                                         Town of Colomb-Béchar

Algérie-El-Goléa-1-palmeraie.jpg (90596 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-3-ville-d'Adrar.jpg (135625 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-1-signe-routier.jpg (107712 bytes)    Algérie-Sahara-2-Cancer.jpg (91796 bytes)

Near El Goléa        Vanishing village        Trans-saharian road    Tropic of Cancer   

Black Africa

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Bénin-village-de-Ganwie-1.jpg (128496 bytes)            Niger-village-1-église.jpg (165103 bytes)    Niger-village-2-église.jpg (160415 bytes)

Village of Ganwie                                      Rural churches  

Mali-Gao-pirogues-du-sel.jpg (80672 bytes)

 Mali, Niger river in Gao

Tanzanie-Parc-Ruaha-1.jpg (228093 bytes)            Tanzanie-Parc-Ruaha-2.jpg (189830 bytes)        Tanzanie-Parc-Ruaha-3-village.jpg (186765 bytes)

Tanzania: Ruaha National Park

Togo-plage-1.jpg (113751 bytes)

Togo: Beach

South Africa

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Botswana-Gaborone-Ambassade-de-Libye.jpg (129488 bytes)            Botswana-Capricorne.jpg (123057 bytes)            Botswana-danger.jpg (243075 bytes)

Gaborone: Libyan Embassy            Tropic of Capricorn        Zimbabwe's border

Republic of South Africa

Afrique-du-Sud-centreville-de-Johanesburg-1.jpg (149055 bytes)                          Afrique-du-Sud-Aéroport-de-Johanesburg-1.jpg (119015 bytes)

Downtown                Johanesburg                Airport

North Africa    Atlas Mountains    Sahara    Black Africa    South Africa

All photographs ©1967-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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