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All photographs on this page were taken between 1974-2000

Canada I

Canada II     United States

New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island     Newfoundland     Quebec     Ontario     Alberta     British Colombia


Bouctouche    Moncton    Cape Hopewell    Fredericton    Hartland

Canada-NB-Caraquet-1.jpg (91331 bytes)                Canada-NB-Caraquet-2-main-street.jpg (103130 bytes)

Caraquet, the very important city for the Acadians

Canada-NB-Village-acadien-1-chemin.jpg (139590 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-3-eglise.jpg (61026 bytes)                Canada-NB-Village-acadien-2-chemin.jpg (109675 bytes)

Acadian Historic Village near Caraquet


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Canada-NB--3-Saguine.jpg (148269 bytes)    Canada-NB--1-Saguine.jpg (86322 bytes)    Canada-NB--2-Saguine.jpg (80362 bytes)

Pays de la Sagouine, Where the imagination becomes the reality.

La Saguine is the heroine of Mrs Antonine Maillet novels


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Canada-NB-Moncton-2-down-town.jpg (83690 bytes)            Canada-NB-Moncton-3-down-town.jpg (94005 bytes)            Canada-NB-Moncton-1-tide-time.jpg (100261 bytes)

Downtown of Moncton            High tide reaches the town

Canada-NB-Magnetic-Hill-1.jpg (93760 bytes)        Canada-NB-Magnetic-Hill-2.jpg (97292 bytes)        Canada-NB-Magnetic-Hill-3.jpg (161360 bytes)

On the Magnetic Hill, you go uphill ... with the engine shut down

Cape Hopewell

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Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-3-tete-d'indien.jpg (125145 bytes)        Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-4-arbre.jpg (63182 bytes)        Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-5-maczuga.jpg (140208 bytes)        Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-1.jpg (99413 bytes)

Indian head    Perched tree    Flower pot    High tide refuge

Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-6-erosion.jpg (132430 bytes)    Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-7-racines.jpg (197196 bytes)    Canada-NB-Hopewell-rocks-9-tide-time.jpg (80624 bytes)

Hopewell Rocks, the natural wonder 


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Canada-NB-Fredericton-3-Parlement.jpg (75763 bytes)            Canada-NB-Fredericton-5-eglise.jpg (65862 bytes)                        Canada-NB-Fredericton-4-halte du sentier.jpg (104577 bytes)

Parliament              Anglican Church    Shelter along the  hiking/biking path

Canada-NB-Fredericton-2-victorienne.jpg (113836 bytes)                        Canada-NB-Fredericton-6-vue du phare.jpg (143625 bytes)

Residential area                    View from the lighthouse top

Canada-NB-Fredericton-12-victorienne.jpg (105830 bytes)        Canada-NB-Fredericton-16-victorienne.jpg (68761 bytes)        Canada-NB-Fredericton-15-victorienne.jpg (80475 bytes)

Some beautiful Victorian houses


Caraquet    Bouctouche   Moncton    Cape Hopewell    Fredericton

Canada-NB-Harland-bridge-4.jpg (112075 bytes)    Canada-NB-Harland-bridge-1.jpg (74035 bytes)    Canada-NB-Harland-bridge-2.jpg (79456 bytes)

The World's longest covered bridge at Hartland

Prince Edward Island

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Countryside of the Prince Edward Island

Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-1.jpg (144978 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-2.jpg (94935 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-3.jpg (103752 bytes)

Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-5-Church.jpg (125007 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-6-Bus.jpg (67692 bytes)        Canada-PEI-Charlottetown-7-marina.jpg (105654 bytes)

Downtown of Charlottetown

Countryside of the Prince Edward Island


    Canada-PEI-Island-5-campagne-patates.jpg (218545 bytes)    Canada-PEI-Island-6-campagne-ferme.jpg (193746 bytes)    Canada-PEI-Island-2-church.jpg (73643 bytes)

Countryside of the Potatoes Island


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Signal Hill

Saint John

Canada-New-Funland-Signal-Hill-2.jpg (63794 bytes)        Canada-New-Funland-Signal-Hill-1.jpg (61323 bytes)        Canada-New-Funland-Signal-Hill-3.jpg (76042 bytes)

Signal Hill, the military and technologically famous place


Signal Hill

Canada-New-Funland-St-John-2.jpg (96264 bytes)        Canada-New-Funland-St-John-1.jpg (119800 bytes)        Canada-New-Funland-St-John-3.jpg (78085 bytes)

The capital city of Newfoundland, the colourful town

Canada-New-Funland-St-John-5-port-entrance.jpg (115889 bytes)                                                                                               Canada-New-Funland-Cape-Spear-1.jpg (55952 bytes)

Entrance to the port of Saint-John                                                                                Cape Spear, the most Easterly point in North America

Quebec (Province)

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Quebec    Regions

Canada-Quebec-Montreal-18-Mont-Royal-cross.jpg (102145 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-Montreal-6-Cote-des-neiges.jpg (145804 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-Montreal-16-St-Hubert-street.jpg (131056 bytes)

Montreal, from Mont Royal to downtown

Canada-Quebec-Montreal-5-Stade.jpg (71677 bytes)        Canada-Quebec-Montreal-3-Piscine.jpg (141710 bytes)

Stadium and swimming pool within the Olympic Complex

Canada-Montreal-Notre-Dame-college-1.jpg (122977 bytes)                            Canada-Montreal-Notre-Dame-ecole-1.jpg (63497 bytes)

Montreal's Notre Dame College        Notre Dame's school entrance

Quebec (town)

Montreal    Regions

Canada-Quebec-Quebec-1-Plaines-Abraham.jpg (41311 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-Quebec-2-vieille-ville.jpg (129728 bytes)    Canada-Quebec-Quebec-3-Frontenac.jpg (88642 bytes)

Citadel of Plaines d'Abraham        Old town        Frontenac château


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James Bay


Canada-Baie-James-Lac-Pau-2-explo.jpg (39600 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-Fontanges-1-camp.jpg (81601 bytes)

Exploration camps in the winter

Canada-Baie-James-Fontanges-3-piste-de-glace.jpg (90552 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-Hercules-1.jpg (65248 bytes)

Ice runway and its user

Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-fleuve-2.jpg (117597 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-Eastmain-inond-1.jpg (112235 bytes)

Exploration camps at the thaw

Canada-Baie-James-Helicoptere-7.jpg (87332 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Helicoptere-2.jpg (23100 bytes)        Canada-Baie-James-Helicoptere-3.jpg (42186 bytes)

These irreplaceable helicopters!

Canada-Baie-James-taiga-2-river.jpg (95910 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-taiga-3-river.jpg (312804 bytes)

Eastmain river

Canada-Baie-James-taiga-hiver-7-GMC.jpg (104631 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-taiga-hiver-8-explo.jpg (129505 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-taiga-5-drainage.jpg (31662 bytes)

Construction begins


James Bay

Canada-Baie-James-Sheffer-4.jpg (56508 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-Sheffer-5.jpg (60214 bytes)    Canada-Baie-James-Sheffer-2.jpg (45924 bytes)

Miners town of Shefferville before its dismantling

Canada-Baie-James-Sheffer-6.jpg (99465 bytes)            Canada-Baie-James-Sheffer-7-caribou.jpg (201559 bytes)

Shefferville, where the caribou hunting begins


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Canada-Ontario-Ottawa-2-flamme-souvenir.jpg (130213 bytes)        Canada-Ontario-Ottawa-5-GRC.jpg (39070 bytes)        Canada-Ontario-Ottawa-1-monument-souvenir.jpg (76140 bytes)

Ottawa, the Parliament Hill                        Ottawa, the Cenotaph



Canada-Ontario-Kingston-1-military.jpg (55213 bytes)    Canada-Ontario-Kingston-2-military.jpg (73198 bytes)    Canada-Ontario-Kingston-3-military.jpg (70591 bytes)

The ancient army regiment activities at Fort Henry

New Brunswick     Prince Edward Island     Newfoundland     Quebec     Ontario     Alberta     British Colombia

All photographs ©1974-2009 Christophe Serdakowski

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