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All photographs on this page were taken between 1974-2001

Canada II

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New Brunswick     Prince Edward Island     Newfoundland     Quebec     Ontario     British Colombia


Alberta - British Columbia provincial border


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Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-7-Federal-building.jpg (115843 bytes)            Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-15-Convention-Center.jpg (144711 bytes)            

Federal Building                Convention Center            Business Buildings

Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-2-City-Hall.jpg (115049 bytes)            Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-3-City-Hall.jpg (104414 bytes)            Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-4-City-Hall.jpg (94152 bytes)

City Hall of Edmonton

Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-11-mall.jpg (129181 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-12-mall-Santa-Maria.jpg (169120 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-13-mall-ice.jpg (132104 bytes)

Edmonton Mall, the huge shopping center

Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-6-tough women.jpg (124655 bytes)                Canada-Alberta-Edmonton-8-worker statue.jpg (118732 bytes)

Women and workers of Alberta are held in respect


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Canada-Alberta-Calgary-1.jpg (64221 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Calgary-4.jpg (60437 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Calgary-2.jpg (107302 bytes)

Downtown of Calgary

Fort Mc Murray

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Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-8-city.jpg (75088 bytes)                    Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-5-down-town.jpg (81447 bytes)

Town of Fort Mc Murray, the capital of the Tar Sands

Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-2-pionneer-cabins.jpg (88576 bytes)

Alberta Pioneers cabins

Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-1-maison-huppee.jpg (98219 bytes)                Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-7-taiga.jpg (133358 bytes)   

Residential area is surrounded by the boreal forest

    Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-6-tar-sand-co.jpg (83084 bytes)                    Canada-Alberta-Fort-McMurray-3-winter-surveying.jpg (76373 bytes)

Winter is very long in Fort Mc Murray

Rocky Mountains

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Banff downtown

Canada-Alberta-Rockies-1-Banff.jpg (135795 bytes)                Canada-Alberta-Rockies-2-Banff.jpg (109126 bytes)

Ski Center in Banff

Canada-Alberta-Rockies-4-Banff.jpg (89239 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Rockies-5.jpg (105156 bytes)        Canada-Alberta-Rockies-6.jpg (99798 bytes)

Magnificent Rocky Mountains

British Colombia

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Canada-BC-Vancouver-1-Stanley-Park.jpg (123567 bytes)            Canada-BC-Vancouver-3-Stanley-Park.jpg (92858 bytes)            Canada-BC-Vancouver-2-Stanley-Park.jpg (104761 bytes)

Stanley Park in Vancouver

United States

Canada I     Canada II


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USA-Louisiana-Plantation-House-1.jpg (124040 bytes)            USA-Louisiana-Plantation-House-2.jpg (133153 bytes)

USA-Louisiana-Plantation-House-3.jpg (99089 bytes)

Belles d'autrefois, the Plantation Houses along the Missisipi


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Los Angeles

San Francisco

USA-California-12-Disneyland.jpg (72269 bytes)        USA-California-10-Disneyland.jpg (60507 bytes)        USA-California-8-Disneyland.jpg (97987 bytes)        USA-Florida-DisneyWorld-1.jpg (147077 bytes)

USA-California-9-Disneyland.jpg (138221 bytes)                USA-California-11-Disneyland.jpg (118784 bytes)

The Disneyland, the first Walt Disney recreation resort

USA-California-6-Hollywood.jpg (86630 bytes)            USA-California-7-Hollywood.jpg (65025 bytes)

Hollywood, exterior and interior studios

USA-California-1-Zzyzx Road.jpg (80261 bytes)

In California, it happens that 60 % of letters within one word are "z"!

San Francisco

Los Angeles

USA-California-5-San-Francisco-down-town.jpg (59859 bytes)    USA-California-4-San-Francisco.jpg (96456 bytes)    USA-California-3-Golden-Gate.jpg (69456 bytes)    USA-California-2-Golden-Gate.jpg (79489 bytes)

San Francisco downtown and the Golden Gate bridge


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Grand Canyon

USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-2-watch-tower.jpg (88971 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-3-watch-tower.jpg (108822 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-4-neighbors.jpg (101883 bytes)

Ancestral lands of Hopi and Navajo Indians

USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-5.jpg (175569 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-6.jpg (166074 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Grand-Canion-1.jpg (96269 bytes)

Natural wonders of the Grand Canyon

Colorado / Nevada

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USA-Colorado-Hoover-Dam-1.jpg (97915 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Hoover-Dam-4.jpg (150643 bytes)    USA-Colorado-Hoover-Dam-2.jpg (124814 bytes)

USA-Colorado-Hoover-Dam-6.jpg (56396 bytes)

Hoover Dam, the monument of a human achievement


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Las Vegas

USA-Nevada-1-Las-Vegas-by-night.jpg (86741 bytes)        USA-Nevada-5-Las-Vegas-street.jpg (97594 bytes)       USA-Nevada-4-Las-Vegas-Casino.jpg (62358 bytes)

USA-Nevada-2-Las-Vegas-by-day.jpg (117723 bytes)        USA-Nevada-3-Las-Vegas-make-believe.jpg (57711 bytes)

Gambling capital of the World


Louisiana     California     Colorado     Colorado / Nevada     Nevada

USA-Utah-1-Snake-river-bridge.jpg (127850 bytes)        USA-Utah-2-Snake-river-valley.jpg (95635 bytes)        USA-Utah-3-Snake-river-indians.jpg (93317 bytes)

Snake River Canyon

Canada I     Canada II

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