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All photographs from South-East Asia were taken between 1984 and 1990


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"Narita city is about 131 square kilometers in area with a population of approximately ninety thousand inhabitants and is located about thirty kilometers east of Tokyo. The city has two hearts within its rich natural environment of water and greenery. The tranquil heart is Naritasan Shinshoji temples which are paid homage to by many visitors all-year-round. Then there is the heart of action, Narita International Airport, considered to be the sky-gateway of Japan." (Source: Narita city official Website:


From the Narita railway station one can walk to the Naritasan Shinshoji temple through the narrow streets lined with giftshops and traditional japanese restaurants where ...


... the sitting position is low and the menu is only ... in japanese!

The entrance to the Naritasan Shinshoji temple is located beside the Daiichi Shinto Assembly. From the street one enters the large market square and crossing it, by following the main pathway, arrives at a flight of stone steps ...


... at the top of which, there is the Niomon Gate - a National Treasure - with a huge lantern suspended in its center and bearing the inscription meaning: "fish market", because since the Edo period the fish market merchants contribute the lantern.


Passing the Niomon Gate one arrives at the second flight of stone steps and going up can see allegorical sculptures, small ponds with living fish and turtles and big stones covered with inscriptions painted in red.


At the top of the second flight of stone steps one enters the temples square with the main and secondary halls, stock of sutras, bell tower and the famous three-storied pagoda ...   


... which is also the National Treasure. "The vivid colors of the carvings on the rafters are beautiful. Normally many pieces of wood are used but fot this pagoda they are made from single piece of wood, so it is called: Ichimai-Taruki." (Source: Narita city official Website:


Behind the main hall of temple grows the magnificent woodland covering more then sixteen hectares. The name Naritasan means: Narita mountain, and both the temple and the woodland bear this name being located on the top of the Narita hill.

Within the Naritasan woodlands is located also a columbarium, the japanese cemetery par excellence.

Hong Kong

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View of Kowloon                Central                            On the mountain

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Peak Tram funicular


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Island bridge                Casino Lisboa                A-Ma-gao temple        Penha church


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Far East Plaza                            Harbor

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Merlion                          Down town           

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